Standards of Beauty Around the World – WOMEN

A diverse cast of models shows how the standard of beauty for women has changed dramatically over time.

SNBRN – “Raindrops feat. Kerli”

T. Justine Reilly @Tjustine

Cathleen Cher 

Savannah Winters (Ancient Egypt) @itssavannahwinters
Sarah Portillo (Ancient Greece) @nocturnal_wonder / @Nocturnal_1der
Hannah Jun (Han Dynasty) @hannahEjun
Ryn Higgins (Italian Renaissance) @rynhiggs
Alyssa Noelle (Victorian England) @msalyssanoelle
Anna Halberg (Roaring Twenties) @AnnaHalberg
Sierra Santana (Golden Age Of Hollywood) @vivalasantana 
Mackenzie Stith (Swinging Sixties) Vine – MackenzieStith
Laura James (Supermodel Era) @lauraellenjames
Courtney Soldan-Els (Heroin Chic) @courtneywasall
Sydney Ladd (Postmodern Beauty) @sydneyladd

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