Angry Black Kid Wants His Change Back + Blooper Reel Credits

from: Livin the Life – Full Movie

Where’s my 5 dollars? Don’t give me that Japanese shit homegirl! This is America!

Nigga go home, go home. Talk to the hand!

Black Kid: Bitch i want my mother fucking money back.
Asian: You only gave me five dollars.
Black Kid: I gave you twenty mother fucking dollars
Asian: No you didn’t you only gave me five dollars
Black Kid: No i gave you twenty, now i go seeing an argument so flat ass straight, homegirl.
Black Kid: I want my change back
Asian: Go home! you only gave me five dollars
Asian: You are not gonna get your change back
Black Kid: You know whats the thing about you chinese mother fuckers?
Asian: Chinese? Me no Chinese me Japanese, (nsalfjknejokfnjlwanjfdlaw)
Black Kid: Homegirl, don’t go talking that Japanese shit over here. This is America.
Asian: America…something

Black Kid: Imma blow this mother fucker up if i don’t get my mother fucking change.
Asian: Go home! Go Home!
Black Kid: I’m going to talk english not this japanese shit.
Asian: homegirl go home?
Black Kid: Well, i ain’t leavin no where untill i get my mother fucking change
Asian: japanese talking?
Black Kid: ilolala chalalmna ass, i want my fucking change
Asian: GO HOME, talk to the hand
Black Kid: Talk to the hand my ass
Asian: Talk to the handdddddd
Black Kid: Give my fucking change i don’t care.

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